Our Story

As new parents we were excited for all of the first time experiences that came with it. Excited for the upcoming summer and taking him for his first beach adventure and of coarse like most parents that cute Instagram beach photo.


This led us to trying to find a fun, bright and trendy pair of bathers for our newborn. Through searching the internet and countless shopping centres we found there was not much out there. We managed to find only the bare minimum, just your basic designs that didn't offer too much in the way of design and safety. We ended up just settling on a pair as summer was now approaching.


Our sons first pool experience first came on a hot Melbourne day in January. We put on his new swimsuit quite excited as most parents are and within the first 10 minuets our excitement soon went to worry as we found the impracticality of this swimsuit. The swimsuit didn't offer him much protection from the harsh Australian Sun. He was too young for sunscreen as he was only 3 months at the time and a newborn or any bub for that matter being in the sun unprotected is just ludicrous. This is where the Idea of Sea Bubs was created.


It brought us to wanting to create something different, something fun, cute and of course offer our bub the safest possible bather suit. Providing some warmth from the water and protection from the sun.
Something he could show off in his swimming lessons and take all those cute pics that we live for as parents.


The Sea Bubs vision was created while walking impatiently around the block in suburbs of Melbourne by two young Parents trying to get their newborn eagerly to sleep.

 A proud Noonuccal/ Goreng Goreng Aboriginal man and his Partner who has embraced with him his culture from day dot and now teaching their son the importance of his heritage.


So, we thought to ourselves Sea bubs will not only represent fun, bright, cute and safe bathers but it will represent our Indigenous culture, allowing local artist to tell their stories through art.


Our vision is much larger then just a pair of bathers, there are four key aspects that represents Sea Bubs. Fun, Safety, Family and cultural awareness. We hope to be able to bring out 2 new pieces every year to highlight Indigenous artists for all ethnic groups to wear. We are an inclusive ally friendly swimwear brand, but we are also just two parents whom value family and keeping our bub safe while looking Deadly.